We offer Mental Health Care in the UK

We offer Mental Health Care in the UK. This involves working with a variety of patients and professionals including; doctors, social workers, AMHP’s and the police.


We carry out an extensive and accurate assessment to find out what the best course of treatment will be.


Once the course of treatment has been agreed on, you will receive top quality therapy.


We teach you how to manage symptoms and triggers, to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Mental Health Clinic/Service

Dr Ahmed Javaid Nagaria Consultant Psychiatrist, CCT in General Adult Psychiatry

  • Awarded by the Joint Collaboration of General Medical Council UK & The Royal College of Psychiatrists UK
  • MBBS, Board Certificate in Psychiatry From The Institute of Psychiatry (Maudsley) London
  • Specialist Member of The Royal College of Psychiatrist UK
Ahmed Javaid Nagaria

How can I help you?

We access patients from different age groups and those with disabilities, by taking part in assessments of old age patients with Dementia, Children with age related illness, Drug and Alcohol related depression and psychosis, learning disability patients with challenging behaviours, patients with ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Personality Disorders with emotional and behaviour problems, Solicitor and Court reports, Tribunal hearing, and reports for family and social care reports. Advocacy for clients and expert opinion to medical colleagues i.e. GP’s, and others specialists.

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