Assessment, treatment and management

We provide Initial assessment, Second opinion, Short or long term care, Drug therapy & Psycho-educational therapy


We carry out an extensive and accurate assessment to find out what the best course of treatment will be.


Once the course of treatment has been agreed on, you will receive top quality therapy.


Extensive experience of Treating the following illnesses:

  • Major Depressive Illnesses & Severe Anxiety Disorders
  • Psychotic illnesses like Schizophrenia and other disorders presenting as psychosis I.e because of physical illnesses, brain injuries, effects of prescribed or non prescribed medications including drugs and alcohol use
  • Manic Depressive illnesses Also called Bipolar Affective Disorder or Mania
  • Obsession and Compulsion disorders. (Thinking and Repeatedly doing something)
  • Phobic illnesses: fear of situations, non living and living things
  • PTSD post traumatic stress disorders because of surviving life threatening trauma
  • Drug like Cannabis, Opiates, Amphetamines Cocaine, LSD , MDMA, Solvents, and Alcohol addiction disorders ( Specialist interest, ran Addiction services for 10 years
  • Suicidal and Para - suicidal behaviours
  • Pregnancy related depression and psychoses
  • ADHD Attention Deficit Disorders & ASD Autistic developmental disorders
  • Supportive Psycho - educational individual & Group Therapy
  • Personality Disorders: anxious, dependent, borderline, histrionic , paranoid, obsessive types
  • Reflective work. Psycho Dynamic therapy. Mindfulness and CBT work
  • Personal development and Life Style Changing Therapeutic Work
  • Cultural or Transcultural Psychotherapy
  • Cultural or Transcultural Psychotherapy

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